Petroleum Engineering

Oilfield Tracing

We have the capabilities and experience to provide

Design of chemical or radioactive tracer program

Injection of tracers

Collection and analysis of samples


Continuity in long term programs



Lean gas reinjection

Miscible gas injection


Sweep efficiency

Pattern imbalance

Interwell communications

Indentification of thief zones

Residual oil saturation of swept zone

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Equipment and Capabilities

Chemical Tracer Injection:

pumps and compressors available for injection of moderate quantities of gas or liquid chemical tracers

Radioactive Tracer Injection:

single point injection of beta or gamma emitting tracers using licensed procedures

Chemical Waterflood Tracer Analysis:


by Gas Chromatography

by GC/MS

Chemical Gas Tracer Analysis :

by Gas Chromatography

Specialized Laboratory Support:

tracer screening

gas, oil, water distribution coefficents

Radioactive Waterflood Tracer Analysis:

multiple beta emitters

multiple gamma emitters

Radioactive Gas Tracer Analysis:

multiple beta emitters

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy:

specialized nuclide identification

NORM analysis

Call at (216) 464-9300, -- Fax (216) 464-6141 ---- or E-Mail :

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